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Spring 2016 — issue 350

Narrative in Relief Sculpture

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2016 1 Spring.pdf
The Fascination Of Medallic Art

Medallic art joins both the two and three-dimensional world in one unique visual form, with a distinctive tactile narrative quality.

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Cory Gilliland
Fidem And The Art Medal. Portable, Personal, and Peculiar

FIDEM, the International Art Medal Federation, exists to promote the art of the medal at international levels.

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Wolfgang Mabry
Narrative In Contemporary Relief Sculpture

Sculptors of every continent have used relief for thousands of years to narrate without text. Contemporary sculptors have found engaging ways to use new and traditional materials in relief sculptures, to narrate, but to narrate with mystery, touching on subjects that defy facile definition.  Ann Cunningham, Amy Kann, Jedediah Morfit, Christopher Smith, Suzanne Storer, and Anthony Visco are among the many contemporary masters who offer viewers the added enjoyment of increased interpretative freedom, all the while opening new avenues of …

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Gordon Alt
Interview With Guest Curator, Eugene Daub

A Q & A with sculptor, Eugene Daub on the history and future of relief and medallic sculpture.