Summer 2005 — issue 307

Humor, Satire, and Caricature in Sculpture


Kim Carpenter
Character Flaws in Clay

Discusses the life and work of the French satirical portraitist, Honore Daumier (1808-1879).

Cynthia Nadelman
Elie Nadelman as Caricaturist

The article discusses Nadelman’s life and work and focuses on the element of caricature in his sculpture. The article includes a passage from the book Once Upon a Time at La Napoule, the Memoirs of Marie Clews.

Ann Landi
Henry Clews

The life and work of ‘talented eccentric’ Henry Clews whose work, the author argues, deserves a second look, especially in the anything goes climate of Post-modernism.

Sean Hemingway
Caricature and the Grotesque in Hellenistic Sculpture

The article is a detailed discussion of the use of caricature and the grotesque in Hellenistic sculpture, situating it in the context of Hellenistic ‘social realism’ in sculpture.