Fall 2007 — issue 316


D. Dominick Lombardi
An Interview With Walter Matia

In speaking with Walter Matia not long ago, we discussed what seemed to be the core characteristic of his work, and it boils down to one basic element:  gesture.

Jodie Shull
The Lively Art Of Animal Sculpture

Is the thrill in creating the sense of power and motion or in expressing the spiritual qualities that we attribute to our animal cousins – from courage to devotion? The answer lies in the words and art of three contemporary animal sculptors who speak of their work with gratitude and love.  Features Louise Peterson, Sandy Scott and Rosetta.

Todd Wilkinson
Rise Of The Modern Animaliers

The nineteenth-century school of sculpture known as “Les Animaliers” is exerting a fresh influence on modern representational artists across North America.

Rebecca A. G. Reynolds
The Wild Kingdom Of Art

Since Greek and Roman antiquity, animals have been prominently depicted in European sculpture, with horses and equestrian figures an especially common and often monumental motif.