Winter 2015 — issue 349

The Winter 2015 issue explores Hybrid Sculpture – the merging of animal and human.  Articles feature Kate Clark, Margaret Keelan, Calvin Ma, Tom Durham, Dylan Lewis and Erika Sanada.  In addition, an article delves into the contemporary northwest coast artists who carry on the tradition of totemic symbols.


Ruell Kibej
Two Sculptors In Their Own Words

American sculptor Tom Durham… works with the morphing of figures and animals to sculpt a narrative with symbols and expression that are personal reflections on humanity.  South African sculptor, Dylan Lewis, lives on a farm in the Cape Winelands, and has a studio and sculpture garden in Stellenbosch, a town in the Western Cape Province.

Cheryl Coon
Dark Histories

Ceramic Narratives by Margaret Keelan, Calvin Ma and Erika Sanada

Sheryl Morang Holmberg
The Grotesque

Novel Associations of Forms and Ideas.  Patricia Piccinini looks into the future, takes us by the hands, and introduces us to what she sees there… Another artist working in the grotesque is Liu Xue.  The Chinese sculptor creates strange chimeras that evoke mixed reactions in viewers… Ceramic sculptor Crystal Morey is particularly interested in the relationship between humans and the environment… The layers of psyche are permeable for Fort Lauderdale based sculptor and installation artist Leah Brown, who creates surreal …

Kim Carpenter
Kate Clark: Animal Impulses

At first encounter, Kate Clark’s sculptures seem eerily otherwordly.  Human faces sit atop taxidermied animal bodies, some arranged in quiet, still positions; others in the act of moving, poised as if just about to take flight… Clark is striving neither to surprise nor shock.  Rather, she is using her hybrids of humans and animals – ones that are at once foreign and familiar – as a vehicle to elicit compassion and prompt a connection between the human and animal worlds.

Sheryl Morang Holmberg
Reviving Ancient Cultures

Contemporary Northwest Coast Artists Breathe New Life into Totemic Symbols. Featuring Bill Reid, Robert Davidson and Dempsey Bob.