Summer 2017 — issue 355

The Making of an Artist


N R Catren
Taking Shape

Advice from George R. Anthonisen, Don Gale, Michael Keropian, Garland Weeks, Floyd T. DeWitt, John Sherrill Houser, Simon Kogan, Myra Weisgold, EvAngelos Frudakis, Penelope Jencks, Bruno Lucchesi, Judith Weller

Sheryl Morang Holmberg
Jose Buscaglia

Jose Buscaglia: An Odyssey in Art. Explores the social/cultural role of the art of Jose Buscaglia.

Jodie A. Shull
Herb Mignery

Herb Mignery: The theme and subject matter of his career as a sculptor.

Wolfgang Mabry
Andrzej Pitynski

Andrzej Pitynski: Monuments to Defenders of Freedom.  A master sculptor commemorates extraordinary heroism against impossible odds.