Summer 2018 — issue 359

The Art of Digital Technology

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NR Catren
(Thought) Process Driven

Sabin Howard’s World War I Memorial – Weta Workshop in New Zealand

Jodie A. Shull
The Computer and the Chisel

How digital innovations serve the artist, with a focus on sculpture by Carole Feuerman and Barry X Ball.

Jodie A. Shull
Academy of Art University

The University ads 3D tech to the curriculum

Sheryl Morang Holmberg
Technology in Service of Art

Sculptors make use of digital technology and processes in creating their work. With mention of Bollinger Atelier, Jacob Sterenberg, E.V. Day and Donald Baechler.

Harry Ambramson
The Digital Sculpture Toolbox

A description of Zbrush by Pixologic; Photogammetry Software;; Desktop 3d printing; Artec Eva;; Full Color High Resolution 3D Printing and Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality